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Follow up on Henry’s Diary

Uncle Louis With a Fern – Photograph

A Dance, half of Henry And A Box From Louis Cleage’s Residency in St. Louis

My Aunts & Uncles

Kennedy Refuses to Support Civil Rights – Demand Federal Intervention in Alabama – The Illustrated News May 1963

The Freedom Fight – The Illustrated News July 8, 1963

The Freedom Now Party – Illustrated News 1963

Walk to Freedom – The Illustrated News 1963

Detroit School Boys Albert Jr and Louis Cleage about 1920

“Anthropoid, anthropoid, don’t kill me yet!” Louis, Henry and Pearl Being Scary

Louis Plays The Lute

Building Louis’ Cottages – Idlewild 1943 to 1945

1940 Census – The Albert B. and Pearl (Reed) Cleages

The Cleages in the 1950 Census

Cookout  In The Cleage’s Yard – August 1958

Loudin’s Jubilee Singers and a Clock – Solving Mysteries – Where Did Louis’ Clock Come From?

The Top of the Clock – Where Was It?

Big Brother Albert B. Cleage Jr & Younger Brother Louis J. Cleage

Mother’s Day Telegram -1940

Uncle Louis Plays the Organ

Y Is For Louis Cleage’s Yacht

X is for X-Ray – Story of Louis Cleage’s Puffy Finger

Gladys remembers Christmas – Louis Made It Magical

Louis Cleage – W8AFM Cleage Printers An Ancestral Home – 910 Fayette Indianapolis, Indiana

Celebrating Barbara Cleage Martin’s 90th Birthday

Two Newspaper Articles Pearl Reed Cleage – 1908 & 1960

Six Degrees of Separation from Slavery

Eighth Grade Class Photo – Albert B. Cleage Jr -1924

Athens Tennessee Academy  Henry William Cleage – 1901

The Indianapolis Star – 20 March 1911 – Dr. Cleage on a case of suicide

A short story by Albert B. Cleage Jr – 1929

Dr. Albert B. Cleage -Captain of Knoxville College football team – 1904

Ice scraper – Cleage Market Detroit, Michigan

Albert B. Cleage Sr and Jr – 1912

Labor Day – Jobs Held By Cleages and Reeds

Pearl Reed Cleage With Son Albert B. Cleage Jr – 1911

Memories of Chickens

The Lexington – A Cleage Family Car

My Grandmother Pearl Cleage’s Doppelganger

Jerome Cleage, the Doppleganger’s Second Husband – Was He Related to Me?

Baby Henry Wadsworth Cleage – 1916 – Photograph

Just Tell The Men – A short story by Henry W. Cleage

Elections Past – The “3 & 1” Campaign – 1960s

 “Cleage for Council” – 1965

Edward Cleage’s Daughters Athens Tennessee – 1917

Tombstone Tuesday – Edward and Mattie Cleage – Athens Tennessee

Mattie (Dotson) Cleage and daughters – Athens Tennessee

Memories to Memoirs Chapter Two “Early Years of Life”

Gathering at my Cleage grandparent’s – 1955

Drawing of Me by Gladys Cleage Evans – 1968

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories – The Christmas Tree was always real

Advent Calendar December 3 – Hand Painting Christmas Ornaments

“The Meadows” 1940s – Mystery Couple

Advent Calendar – December 4 – Christmas Cards

Advent Calendar – December 5 – We never had outdoor lights

Snowy Winter – Springfield, Mass – 1949

Advent Calendar – December 11 – Kwanzaa

Advent Calendar – December 15 – Happy Birthday to all!!

Doris Graham Cleage Photograph- 1952

Skating Champions – Hugh, Gladys and Anna Cleage – 1940s

Three Sisters – Barbara, Gladys & Anna Cleage

Albert and Pearl (Reed) Cleage –1922

More Information About Yesterday’s Photo and a Discovery

The Whole Bunch – Cleage Family At Belle Isle – 1922

Photos, Photos Everywhere

Not a bridge, a ferry – On The Way to Athens, Tennessee – 1920s

The Cleage Photographers – Albert B. Cleage Sr and Jr, Henry, Hugh & Louis Cleage

Trying for shadows in this also? – Anna Cleage and Paul Payne

Where is Gladys?  – 1939

Positive Proof – A Short Story by Henry Cleage

The Cleage Sisters at Home about 1937- Wordless Wednesday

Grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage – Happy Birthday, bio and photos

Henry Cleage and the press – Cleage Printers 1960s

Easter Memories – 1920s & 1950s

Three Generations and an Airplane – 1921

Congregational Photograph – Witherspoon United Presbyterian Church Indianapolis Indiana – 1909

Celia Rice Cleage Sherman – Her Life

The Day Louis Cleage Died – News Items 1918

Tennessee Cleage – About 1867 – 1914

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