‘Rocco, Smitty – Getting a ticket for fishing!

This photograph was taken at “The Meadows” in Sinclair County Michigan in 1939. Evidently “Rocco and Smitty were fishing without a license in the river that ran through.

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    1. Since it’s in my photo stash I would guess one of my photo taking uncles, Henry or Louis Cleage. I should try and ID the handwriting. I wondered the same thing. And how close were they? They look so close!

  1. Those are some great photos. I can’t believe that the cop was just waiting around to give out tickets for illegal fishing. What was the harm? Shouldn’t he have been out fighting some real crimes?

    1. In rural, 1939 Sinclair County? When I lived on the lake in MI sometimes the officers would take their boats out and check fishing and boating lic. Just like checking for drivers license. You’re supposed to have them. They don’t cost that much.

  2. Uh oh! Not a fun day for Rocco and Smitty! Kat raised an interesting question about who took the photo. Hmm, was that person ticketed as well?

    1. Today an in state fishing license for the whole season costs $28. Fines are over $100. Just reading around and find they can also confiscate all of your fishing gear too. And add an extra amount per fish.

  3. It’s funny to me that this moment was caught on camera. What are the chances that someone would take a camera on a fishing trip unless they wanted to document catching a big fish! The cow is the perfect animal photobomb too.

    1. They weren’t actually on a fishing trip. They went up to the Meadows to do lots of outdoor stuff, fishing among them. There are lots of photos from those trips and lots of photos of other people taking photos of people doing whatever they were doing. I think it’s a case of one of my uncles taking photos or being ready to take photos when this photo op appeared.

  4. A lucky catch, Kristen. Fishing stories don’t usually get photo evidence about the fish that got away, and photos don’t usually get a note to tell the fish tale either.

  5. They obviously weren’t too embarrassed if they didn’t mind having their photo taken being given a ticket. These day we’d call that a ‘badge of honour’! Here in Lanzarote you have to have a licence to fish too, it doesn’t cost more than a few euros but you’d be surprised how many locals try and get away without one.

  6. I’m wondering too about the third person who thought to capture this little memory. No fun to pay the fine, but it made for a humorous Sepia Saturday.

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