The Reeds

A is for Anna Allen Reed

B is for Buford Avritt

Postcard to My Grandmother from her Niece 1909

I is for Inventions

M is for the Music of Hubert Averette

Louise Reed Shoemaker

5 Generations of Pearls

Seven Generations of L3e21b

Grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage’s Birthday

Minnie Averitt Reed Mullins

Hugh Marion Reed Averette – Navy Experience

Thomas Perry Reed Averette

Theresa Pearl Reed Averette Shaffer

Hugh Marion Reed Averette – 1910 – 1993

Anna Roberta Reed Averette Fores

Blanche Celeste Reed aka Celeste J. Averette

Hugh Marion Reed Averette – 1876-1953

A Mystery Photo Revealed

Christmas Bookmark from Uncle Clarence

Mr. James Mullins 1863-1944

George Reed 1867-1945

George Reed 1873-1945

Canning With Aspirin Instead of Sugar

My Father’s Mother’s People – The Reeds

Clarence Elwood Reed – Madness Monday


My Grandmother Pearl’s Family Tree

Hugh Marion Reed

7 thoughts on “The Reeds

  1. Hi I just did a DNS analysis and came back with the same as you or your family ….
    L3e2a1b1 Ashley Rowe
    I think we could possibly be related. I am originally from Swansea, South Carolina and my family has been there for as long as I can date back on However, I do have family in Detroit that have been theater for a while as well. Some of the names you me turn sounds familiar as well. If you get a chance please email me back. Thank you.

  2. Kristin – Have you heard from the Averette wing of the Reed family? During the time period from 1984 through 1986 I was a Purchasing Manager (Service Contracts) General Procurement with the Northrop Corporation facility in Pico Rivera, CA (B-2 Stealth Bomber). Across the partition was another purchasing group with a pleasant looking female Buyer with the last name of Averette. At the time she was probably in her mid to late20s (today, she would be in mid to late50s.) Of course, back then the detailed family history was unknown to me. One day I did ask her if her name was French or Corsican. She indicated she wasn’t quite sure. She was single so Averette was her immediate family name. I suspicion she thought I was trying a flanking move on her. Not so. Was just curious. Too bad I cannot remember her first name.

    1. I have heard from them. Uncle Hugh and his family went to CA . I did a series on them a few years ago (see above) and was contacted by several descendants on the posts. I don’t know who the woman you met was. Could have been one of the sons descendants.

  3. Thanks. I did read your Reed series in 2015. I started thinking about the name Averette because it did ring a bell in my brain. I knew I had heard that name in the past. Finally, it dawned on me where I had heard the name. Also, I find it interesting that on the census data you researched the racial categories of our relatives were decided by census takers as black, mulatto, or white depending on the racial bias of the census taker and geographical part of the nation. Demeaning it was!

  4. Hello,
    I was married to Thomas Glenn Averette, son of Pierre Antone Averette and grandson of Thomas Perry Reed Averette and Geneva Lucile. We meet just after his grandfather had died in 1986. I was very close to Geneva and she told me a lot of stories about the family. Thomas and I had two sons. Thomas William Johnson-Averette and Antone Perry Johnson-Averette. Antone was born on Thomas Perry’s birthday (his great grandfather) I let Geneva name him and she chose his great grandfather’s and grandfather’s middle names. The Averette’s are a very interesting family. If you would like to contact me, my email is

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