Eliza’s Story

  1. Who was Eliza?
  2. The Search Begins
  3. A Brief Explanation for Eliza’s Story
  4. Eliza Williams Allen – a photograph
  5. Eliza and the people in her life
  6. Escape – Dock Allen
  7. Finding Eliza Part 1
  8. Finding Eliza Part 2
  9. Finding Eliza Part 3
  10. Eliza’s daughters part 4
  11. She was owned before the war by the late Colonel Edmund Harrison of this county
  12. The 4th Annual Gene Awards
  13. Visit to Oakwood Cemetery
  14. Seven Generations of L3e3b-My MtDna
  15. Stolen From Africa

5 replies on “Eliza’s Story”

Hi Kristin,

My maternal haplogroup is L3e2a1b1 (4x grandmother was Sally Sills). I’ve located limited information on her and her children in
North Carolina.

Thank you,

Hello, I came across this site while collecting pictures of pettiford kin. I am a descendant of Joseph and Martha Pettiford. My grandmother is Charlotte louise Pettiford,the daughter of William pettiford (my great grand father) . In other words a descendant of allen-weaver pettiford tree. If you have any other sites to recommend for research please reply on this site.

Thank you

I mostly used Ancestry.com, although there was the site with the wonderful family photograph that I think I mentioned on that post or linked to.

Hello Kristin,
My mother’s name Flora Clark McWilliams and her mother’s name was Eliza Garlington Clark and Eliza’s mother’s name was Lula Hunter Garlington and Lula’s mother’s name was Eliza Wadsworth. Everyone that I know of was from Laurens South Carolina, I come to a road block with Eliza Wadsworth. My Maternal Halplogroup is L3e3b.

My Eliza was Eliza Williams, daughter of Annie Williams. She was born about 1844 in Alabama. Annie was born in SC. They were enslaved by Col. Harrison and his wife and later, I believe, gifted to their daughter on her marriage to Milton Saffold. Maybe generations and generations ago our ancestors came from the same area in Africa.