Katie Cleage Civil War Pension File

Katie Cleage Widow’s Pension File

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Katie & Philip Cleage
“Until I Was Obliged to Leave” – Katie Cleage
“My husband purchased her when quite a child…” – Jemima Cleage
“I stood aloof and they took him away” – James Royal
“Even then she followed him” – Isaac Charlton 
“I had well nigh despaired of the case” – Katie Cleage
“I have had two children…” – Katie Cleage
“He was a slave of Alex Cleage” – Isaac Charleton
“…5 months before he was taken” – James Royal
“She had not married since” – Woodson Weaver
“We owned a hundred slaves” – Jemima Hurst
Index to Special Examiner’s Report
Claimant’s Statement – Katie Cleage
“My mother’s name was Hulda Hurst” –Katie Cleage
“I remember the claimant as a former slave of my father’s” – John Henry Cleage
“I Don’t Remember” – Penelope Van Dyke Cleage
“I remember their having one child…” – David Bridges
“She is a steady, hard working woman…” – Millie Valentine
Family Relationships – Black and White Cleages
“She has always been steady” Edmonia Charlton
“The brothers said that Philip had no wife.” Isaac Charlton
Charles, Lewis and Patsy Cleage Collect Philip’s Arrears Pay
“He told me then that he had married Katie” Minerva Evans
A Bit of Confusion Lucy McCaury
“My interest is for his back pay and bounty.” Charles A. Cleage
“They were kin to me by marriage” Thomas Bradford
“The white folks had her clothes locked up.” Sallie Cleage Marsh
“I owned a servant named Nelson.” James Bradford
“I was a nurse girl.” Patsy Cleage Jackson
“I talked with Uncle Charles today.” Adeline Cleage Sherman
“I was nothing but a young girl.” Katie Cleage
David Jarnigan
“I did not pay much attention”. Jemima Hurst Cleage
Lucy McCaury Questioned
“I always thought she was a right good darky.” John L. Atlee, M.D.
“The testimony is confused and contradictory” J. A. Davis, Special Examiner
Rejected Rejection form
“Your above cited pension claim was rejected” Guin B Ramm, Commissioner
“an appeal from the decision” Thomas Giffe Atty for Claimant
“and thus they were separated forever” Atty Thomas Giffe
Appealed Allowed Cyrus Bussij, Assistant Secretary
” Miss Kate Cleage of Chattanooga recently received…” State Capital Newspaper, IL
Dropped From The Rolls final post in this series
KATIE Cleage’s Children – afterward