Henry Wadsworth Cleage

Henry with coffee at plant
Henry Cleage outside Cleage Printers about 1964

Pearl Reed Cleage with baby Henry – 1916
Four Boys and a Cannon – 1918
Seven In A Boat
Another Look At “7 In A Boat”
H – HENRY Cleage in the 1920s
C – CLEAGES in the 1920 Census
Three Generations
Airplanes in the Album – About 1921
The Cleage’s View A Plane – 1921
Baseball, Summer of 1922- Sepia Saturday #136
Henry At The Beach – Idlewild, MI About 1925
The Cleage Family in Idlewild About 1928
Henry’s Christmas Memory
The Cleages in the 1930s
V – VISITING Benton Harbor Michigan
Henry Cleage’s Journal – 1936
Henry’s Diary Part 2 – 1936 with photos from the Black Album
Training Duke – Sepia Saturday #111
Follow up on Henry’s Diary
Northwestern High School & Cleage Graduates
1940 Census – The Albert B. and Pearl (Reed) Cleages
Henry Cleage – Christmas on Scotten
A Dance, a Box and half of Henry
Alice Reads A Thrilling Comic – #Sepia Saturday 174
Purebreds and Conscientious Objectors
Cows and Conscientious Objectors
What’s In A Name?
The Cleages in the 1950 Census
C – Cleages in the 1950 Census
A Cleage Family Photo – 1951
The Fabulous Cleages – 1952
Father and sons – Atkinson 1952
Idlewild 1953
Cleage Cookout – August 1958
Cleage Printers – 1958 – 1967
Another Picnic – 1960
More 5397 Oregon Then and now
The Cleage Photographers
Fish and Fillets – Idlewild Michigan 1977 & 1979
Henry Cleage 1916 – 1996
Me, Detective – A Short Story by Henry Cleage
Henry Cleage – 1962
Henry Rototilling Garden at Old Plank
Interview with Henry Cleage about the Freedom Now Party|
N is for a Nostalgic Interview with Henry W. Cleage
The Devilish Ghost – by Henry Cleage
Father’s Day Post #2 – Me and Both of My Fathers
Henry Cleage playing the cello – 1970
Sailing Log Detroit River – 1970
Henry Cleage and the press
Positive Proof – A Short Story by Henry Cleage
Henry Cleage
Henry Wadsworth Cleage
Just Tell The Men – A short story by Henry W. Cleage
Henry Wadsworth Cleage

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