Four Boys and a Cannon – 1918

The two photographs below were taken in 1918 and feature my father, two of his younger brothers and a family friend. The water in the background of the second photo made me think they were taken on Belle Isle or perhaps across the Detroit River in Canada. I thought that I would be able to place the photos by using the cannon in the second picture. I was able to find several cannons in the Detroit area, unfortunately none looked like the one in the photo.  The presence of a family friend makes me think it was taken in Detroit and not on a family trip to another state. At least it was labeled with names and dates.

Henry Cleage, Cornelius Henderson, Louis Cleage, Albert Cleage.
1918 Detroit.
Louis Cleage, Cornelius Henderson, Albert Cleage, Henry Cleage.

16 thoughts on “Four Boys and a Cannon – 1918

  1. They seem to be dressed in their best sailor suits for a day out. Old cannon are always fascinating to clamber over and imagine them firing away from some turret. Young Henry has a real look of determination on his face in that last picture

  2. I am so relieved! The second photo proves that these kids do have feet 🙂
    Not only does young Henry have a look of determination on his face, I believe the photographer was just in time to catch him before he disappeared altogether.

  3. They are just adorable. I kind of wish they had more little sailor outfits for boys these days, but they are really hard to find around here. Too many little Nike and Batman/Super Hero kind of shirts everywhere!

  4. I love the hats. You know those boys had fun playing on the cannon (although, frankly, I’m afraid poor Cornelius might be subject to a lot of teasing in that outfit today!). I hope you can find where the picture was taken.

  5. Wonderful photos, but I’m struck by the snapshot quality, an inexpensive box camera I’d think. Film development cost money and every print had more value than what we give photos today.

  6. So precious. And I love those Mary Jane style shoes. Boy or girl, they always look cute.

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