22 thoughts on “Henry Rototilling Garden at Old Plank

  1. My father-in-law always had a beautiful garden. Barry said he was always very particular about spacing and how many seeds to plant, so he didn’t often let the kids help. But he did make them prepare the seed potatoes, and Barry always hated that job.

    1. We didn’t plant enough potatoes to make it tedious. Maybe we already bought them in pieces? Or cut them in only two pieces? I know we didn’t save our own.

  2. I love the picture of your mother in the Picking Beans – Old Plank 1963. What a lovely smile. What a lovely lady!

    1. It was the name of the road the house was on – Old Plank Road. There seem to be Old Plank Roads a lot of places. Did they used to be made of planks? It was a gravel/dirt road when we were there.

  3. I’m sure those potatoes had the best flavour, and were made into heaps of dishes!

    1. Yes. Wish I had some of my grandfather digging up his garden. He always had a wonderful garden but no pictures of him working in it.

    1. Maybe they call it something else in Australia? It’s a way to prepare a small amount of land for planting without using a plow.

  4. Well, we’ll see if the magic weeks with the next few weeks’ themes too, all chosen by me 🙂 I don’t know how you do it – you even have someone standing watching, just as in the prompt – but I’m glad you do.

    1. I’m on a roll with the next three done! Bring me more 🙂
      1. Jukebox with teens in the 1950s.
      2. Modern dancers.
      3. Children eating in the garden.

  5. My shoulders hurt just thinking of that rototiller. I imagine in some places they cut through the ground easily, but here, if you wait too long following the last rain, it’s like trying to use a jackhammer on cement. You have reminded me I need to start on the garden now before the cement hardens.

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