19 thoughts on “Henry Cleage – 1962

  1. Breathtaking, Kristin! Again. Is this from one of those 2 inch b&w photographs? And did you Photoshop it?

    Not sure I’d want to talk to him at this moment – or be the one he’s looking at. But what a portrait!

    1. No, this is a 5 x 7 black and white. I did photoshop out some white specks. When my uncles Henry and Hugh had Cleage Printers they had a dark room and I have boxes of 5 x 7s that were taken during those years and developed there. Deep discussions were rampant at the plant (what we called Cleage printers) so that is probably what is going on. Don’t know if my uncle Hugh or family friend Billy Smith took the picture.
      I was going through a box looking for a couple of photos of board games being played because that is the theme for Sepia Saturday this week when I found this and decided it was good for today. aside from the white spots, it’s so clear and sharp.

  2. I have to agree with Susan on this one. Breathtaking. Your photos are always stunning, but what I think makes them so interesting is that they have a journalistic, even artful, quality to them.

  3. Great Picture. That is one serious expression though on his face. I wouldn’t mess with him on this day 🙂

  4. Wordless indeed. A beautifully documented photograph of your Uncle Henry. What a wonderful blog…it’s like viewing an “Independent Lens” series. I love it!

  5. Wonderful image of your dad! You know, it occurs to me that you and Pearl are continuing the family business, printing and communicating, along different streams. Perhaps your family’s printing business birthed this instinct to document and communicate on a level that was almost cellular. I imagine this photo, framed along with the one of your mother that you posted above, hanging in a beloved place in your home.

    1. Angela, I do have the one of my mother on the wall but I have another one of Henry up. Although he was a father to me also, he was my uncle and my step-father. I think you are right about my sister and me continuing the communication line going.

  6. I wouldn’t mess with Henry, at least until he’s had another coffee or two. This photo looks like a high res digital image – I’ve been amazed how some of my old B&W images come out so clearly when scanned. Great pic, Kristin 🙂

    1. It is a 5 by 7 B&W. I probably scanned it at 400dpi but when I posted it I took it down to 200dpi. The original is amazingly clear and sharp.

  7. I have to go along with the group — your photos are breathtaking and evocative. Every time I visit your page I gasp at the wonderful header photo — like the one of Henry, it hints and stories beneath the stories, beneath the stories …. great!

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