7 thoughts on “Henry Wadsworth Cleage

  1. Kristin, you have some really interesting family photographs! (I'm remembering the photo of your mother (or grandmother?) with her back to the photographer.) This is a wonderful one. It feels like we could step right into the room and pick up the papers on the table or switch off the lamp when Henry falls asleep.

  2. It was my mother with the mysterious back to the camera pose. i like this one. i remember the lamp and the chairs etc. it was taken in the same house as the other one but the other was in the front room and this was in the sun room.

  3. He may be my favorite of all the family you've written about Kristin. The story of his you posted is bookmarked as one of my all time favorites. I'd love to be able to spend an evening sitting there listening to him.

  4. He would have loved it. talking and explaining was one of his favorite things to do!

    I'll have to post another story.

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