21 thoughts on “Henry Cleage and the press

  1. Great photo. It doesn't look quite as grueling as Alan's photo, but it looks intense and a little claustrophobic.

  2. he didn't have to stay in there and the rollers weren't in there. it was a bit of space between rollers where the web of paper passed over. never asked what he was doing though. now i wish i had.

  3. What a machine, and it looks like he didn't know he was surprised to be photographed.

  4. He looks as though he's a 'man sandwich' between those two bits of machinery! 🙂

  5. Maybe he looks like that because of whatever he found was wrong with the press. They all had cameras and were forever taking photos of each other at the plant and out. Henry and his brother Hugh were the co-owners, printers, everything at Cleage Printers, which was located in back of their brother Louis' Cleage Clinic where he practiced medicine.

  6. Gee I wonder if Lewis Hine took this photo? It sure represents just the kind of photo, people and machines that he would take! Do you know who took the photo? Very cool indeed!

  7. I'm positive lewis hine did not take this photo. they were always taking pictures. i'm pretty sure my uncle hugh took it. or one of the other people that hung around the plant taking photos.

  8. That's weird. I didn't know they had mammograms for men!
    Ladies of the grove

  9. Very reminiscent of Alan's chosen photo – he looks like he was involved in some serious maintenance when someone sneaked up with a camera though 🙂 Jo

  10. That's a great shot, worth 1000 words as they say. It does look like a precarious position, but that's probably just my claustrophobia.

  11. This photo makes me think of those scenes in movies where a person is stuck in a room with the walls moving in, about to crush them. Wonderfully balanced shot of man with technology.

  12. Howard, it's a printing press. It printed mostly those add papers for small grocery stores. the paper web went over the space he's sitting in from one cylinder to the other where they got inked and printed.

  13. WOW!!
    is there a topic you can't cover with your large collection of photographs? great pic!!

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