Alice Reads A Thrilling Comic – #Sepia Saturday 174

This photo comes from my Cleage stash and features Alice, my Uncle Henry’s first wife, reading a Thrilling Comic.  How did she happened to be reading it? Did she enjoy comics? Love thrillers? Was she posing (or posed) for the photo? Was the comic book laying around because that is where Henry got his short story ideas?  Judging by her eyes, she does look mildly thrilled.


Thrilling Comics

“Thrilling Comics was one of the longest runs the publisher had. It ran for eighty issues. The issues themselves featured many different kinds of comic stories like the standard superhero story as well as westerns, detective, stories, comedies, comic strips, short stories and many more.”  The series started in 1940 and ran through 1951. To see all the covers for the 80 issues, click Thrilling Comics.

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32 thoughts on “Alice Reads A Thrilling Comic – #Sepia Saturday 174

      1. Comics were always far more attractive a proposition for children in my day, and I suppose they have now been replaced by the internet and facebook.

    1. Thank you Cindy. I was looking at other photos taken that day, using the same car, and thinking I should have put a few more in. Oh well, I’m sure they will appear eventually.

  1. Great shot, you have so many beautiful pictures. Two questions:
    1) who was the shutterbug in the family.
    2)Were they using the old Brownie kodak camera?

    We were always discouraged from reading comic books, you know what they would say about the grammar. My mom would tried to turn our attention to the Golden Legacy Illustrated History Magazine known as Negro comic books. It wasnt half as thrilling but educational I suppose. My favorite past-time reading Archie comics and chewing bazooka bubble gum.

    1. Shelley,
      On my father’s side, my grandfather, my father and his three brothers all took photos. They didn’t use Brownies. Here is a post of them with various cameras

      In my mother’s family, my grandfather, my mother and Uncle Buddy all took photos using a Brownie.

      I remember reading comics and chewing bazooka bubble gum too. Little Lulu was my favorite but during the summer we read a variety – Archie, Little Dot, Richie Rich. Don’t remember reading Thrilling Comics though 😀

  2. Looks like good reading material were I 12 again. I am sure I could have fantasised about chasing that leopard skin clan girl through the jungle !!
    (Follow up comments forbidden !)

  3. I am thrilled to have discovered your blog. I can see from scrolling down the last few that you chose a fabulous theme for your A-Z. I love glimpses at other peoples lives and your history is very different to mine. I can’t begin to fathom the enormity of the task you set yourself, judging from the pictures it looks as though it is very rewarding. This month has been an enormous challenge, and in the coming months I look forward to catching up with yours.

    1. I’m finding it hard to read as much of the blogs I find that I like during this challenge too. But I don’t see how it can be different unless I do everything beforehand and that would take away half the enjoyment for me. I enjoy writing as I go and getting new inspiration along the way.

  4. The photos on your blog are wonderful and interesting to me as I found so many long forgotten pictures of my family’s life in Sweden for the A to Z. I decided to post them, the ones from long ago.

  5. I like this picture and she does look entertained by the thrilling story. We read a lot of the same comics, but I’ll add Millie the Model. She had a friend whose hair always covered one eye, but I can’t think of her name. And there was a comic in that Bazooka bubblegum, wasn’t there?

  6. That’s a super snap and made better by being inside the confined space of a car. I checked out those fantastic covers and Thrilling Comics were obviously designed for older readers, not unlike the graphic novels today.

  7. Once again Kristin I’m amazed at the pictures you can seemingly pull out of a hat – or album. This is a wonderful answer to the challenge this week.

  8. Great pic of Alice.
    On the other hand, on those covers,
    that amazon seemed a little quick with the knife…
    Pretty avant-garde for the late ’40s.

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