36 thoughts on “The Cleage Photographers

  1. LOVE this! That you have such an extraordinary collection of snapshots is due to the snapshooters. I'm glad they turned the camera on one another.

  2. Wonderful! I especially love the sort of ethereal one with the clouds in the background. A very interesting shot.

  3. You obviously had some serious photographers in your family. That photo on the upper right is simply magical.

  4. Not just a fine collection of photographers, but a fine collection of cameras as well. Pictures of photographers are always rare animals (which is why, I suspect, I like taking photographs).

  5. The couple at the top left are obviously posing for another photographer out of shot.
    I remember seeing a camera like that in the snapped photographers hand.
    How cameras have changed.

  6. OH MY!! my uncle had a camera just like the one in the upper left picture. to think i got rid of it… but i was pressed for time and had to clear out his apartment… if only i had had more time. photography is in your vein, obviously, as they loved it, and you keep up the passion, one way or the other. i hope you get to preserve them as they deserve.

  7. Oh these are just awesome….how great to have photos of family with their cameras! Great keepsakes for sure!

  8. What a fun collection of photographs! I think my parents had a camera like the one in the top left photo. Your fathe ris very handsome!

  9. Until my daughter bought herself an iPhone, I was THE photographer in the family. Now she not only keeps pace with me, but often outdoes me – especially when it comes to videos. Of course that’s because I don’t have a video-capable cell phone or any other kind of video camera. But that’s okay. I much prefer taking single shots anyway. As for the pictures you’ve chosen to share, they’re wonderful. The one with the clouds behind your Dad is a remarkable piece of photography. But my favorite is the first one with your grandfather. He looks so cute, standing there so patiently waiting for the ladies to be through with whatever it is that they’re doing. 🙂

  10. Wonderful photos! They have and curiously contemporary feel, especially the one of your dad. I wonder who photographed the photographers? And with what equipment?

    1. What a great question! I suppose that one of the other Cleages took the photo. And used one of the many cameras that were always around. My mother took a few photos. My grandmother took some. Somehow I think that these were taken by one of the other photographers on this page.

  11. It was so great to have the diversity of cameras in the 50s. And these men definitely seem to enjoy capturing their families, as well as themselves on film. Remember film in little cans?

  12. It’s unusual to see the cameras in family snapshots, but isn’t it great that someone thought to take a picture, preserving a little of the history of cameras as well as fashion, whilst snapping a family member. I noticed a camera in one of my own shots today – but it’s tucked away under some clothes on a bench. I wish I had something like this in my own albums.

  13. This is a wonderful documentation of the cameras that your family used, and rare to find I think. Your grandfather’s twin reflex was very challenging to use as the viewfinder is mirror reversed and the perspective was usually always from waist level. I recognize the other camera types and they needed some good photography skills to take photos as they were not automatics. Albert’s photo is an excellent portrait.

    1. I keep meaning to organize my digital photos and print some of the off so we will have a paper record but it’s so easy not to.

  14. Great curated collection of pictures! It’s fun to see a series of shots showing how people interacted with their cameras. I think that my favorite one is the one with your grandfather. I want to know the story behind the picture–Was it taken at a family reunion? . . . a community picnic? . . . near the parking lot of a landmark on a family vacation? . . .

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