More 5397 Oregon Then and now

4-in-front-of-window-oregon-blogMy father, then Rev. Albert B. Cleage Jr, me, my mother Doris Graham Cleage, my step-father and uncle Henry Cleage. Summer of 1966.

james-couch-blogSitting on the couch, braiding my hair with my mother and sister Pearl. 1963. My son James walking across the room summer of 2017.

after-abs-conference-1967-blogI had just come in from the Association of Black Students’ Symposium at Wayne State in February of 1968.

My cousin Barbara Elkins in the front room.
My cousin Barbara Elkins sitting in the front room.  Early 1960s.


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    1. I use photoshop, using the layers and transform tools. It was amazing how many photographs my son James, Paul Lee and Sala took that were from the same angle as my old photos.

  1. Wonderful effects. I’ve been looking for an image viewer to embed into a blog that lets you shift from one overlay photo to another. Have yet to find an easy (and free) one that will work.

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