Cleages Photographs sepia saturday

Three Generations


Three generations of my Cleages. Front left is Henry, with Louis behind him, center is my father, Albert B. front right is Hugh. Behind Hugh is my great grandmother Celia Rice Cleage Sherman. Back left is my grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage holding baby Barbara Cleage Martin. This photograph was taken about 1921 somewhere around Detroit, Michigan, perhaps on Belle Isle.  My grandfather took the photo. There is another from the same day with him in the photo taken by my grandmother.

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Lots of nice hats! Your father looks composed and mature for a youngster. Because of his height and his position in the photo, he’s the half-way marker between the children and the adults.

Hugh is a dear little fellow in his outfit. His grandma Celia looks long-suffering, as in, ‘come on, get on with it!’.

I’m going with the idea that she thought photographs were serious business and not that her grand children and that Sunday drive were making her very tired, the little dears.

Shashu! How nice to see you here. There were 4 or 5 photos taken on that day. Standing, sitting and switching out grandmother and grandfather as photographer.

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