21 thoughts on “Pearl Pats a Goat

    1. I think the goat was in a fence so the photographer had to take a side shot or jump the fence and get thrown out of the place. I like the view too though, good thing it was fenced.

  1. Look at those horns! I wonder if kids today still go to “petting zoos”? I look forward to taking my future grandchildren 🙂

    1. They still have petting zoos here. At least they did 9 years ago. I have a photo of a granddaughter brushing a goat. I will use it next time an animal/ child theme suggests it.

  2. There’s something so sweet about young children becoming aware of animals in such a hands-on way. I’m assuming you had your share of doing the same?

    1. I’m sure I did. Otherwise I would be holding a grudge against Pearl and my parents for always saying, “No pats for you Kris, move aside and let Pearl pat the goat.” Or maybe that is why I kept goats, rabbits and chickens for several years.

  3. Another winner! Do you keep track of your photos with some kind of system? I imagine a filing box labeled “Goats, w/Children”. In chronological order too.

    1. Ha! If only. No they are in various binders, boxes. When I see a prompt I remember seeing a photo that would go with it. Then I have to look through the various binders, boxes and computer folders. Usually I can remember where I saw it. The only photographs I have scanned and ordered chronologically are those of my Graham grandparents. They are in order through the 1950s. It makes it so easy, why don’t I do the rest?

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