Idlewild 1953

Front – Pearl and me. Back – my grandmother, Pearl Cleage, uncle Henry and grandfather Albert B. Cleage sr.

We were at my uncle Louis’ cottage in Idlewild.  I remember my grandmother reading to us from  the book “Told Under the Red Umbrella” that summer. The electricity went off during a storm once and she read to us by the kerosene lamps until the lights came back on.

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  1. I can also remember having fun several times when the electricity went out. My mother, brother, and I would play games in the candlelight. In my memory, the warm rosy glow of the candles makes those evenings seem special.

    1. It’s like that in my memory too. The walls were paneled with real pine paneling and it made the whole room rosy.

    1. I think that was the only time we were all up there at the same time. This must be the time the car was so full some of us little kids sat on the floor. This was way before seat belts!

  2. i kind of get chills looking at this photo and knowing just how substantial and gifted those two little girls would grow up to be. no doubt already were. you’re such a solemn little one in this photo. and pearl looks so…planted.

    1. I always notice how pleasant the two Pearls look and how firm the other three of us look. And then I wonder if we thought we were smiling.

  3. What a wondeful family, Dr. Louis Cleage was my Dr at Cleage Clinic on Lovett and McGraw, before I-Edsel Ford was built I remember a office visit was only 3.00, and I only had money for a priscription that was filled by his sister, the office visit was wavered, My brother Charles Coley a couple of times in the early 50s to open and close his cottage in Idlewild, our family arrived in Detroit in 1943, so we had never even hear of Idlewild, of course some of our ancesters arrived in 1920-22 from Juliette GA, I’m happy to see all the pictures and articles about the Cleage Family

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the posts. I remember how much those office visits cost every time I go to the doctors. I have a photograph of my aunt working in the pharmacy. I will have to post that soon.

  4. I remember visiting the print shop sometime, because I was in the Printing Class at Condon Jr. High School on West Grand Blvd, then enrolling in the Printing Corriculum at Cass Tech……I’ happen to be 78 years old now, L O L…..

    1. That is interesting. I didn’t know some schools took students on a tour of the plant. Did you spend your working life printing?

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