Marilyn Makes a Trunk – 1956

When I was growing up my sister, my cousins and I always made a yearly trip to the Detroit zoo with our mothers and grandfather, Poppy.  My youngest cousin Marilyn was impressed by the elephants trunk this year and went around making her arm into a trunk afterwards.

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13 thoughts on “Marilyn Makes a Trunk – 1956

  1. What a lovely picture and memory to have Kristin. A true Sepia Saturday gem.

  2. Another post that brings back memories. My son would giggle and giggle when I made an elephant trunk and noise.

    What a gorgeous photo. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s so amazing that most of us have elelphant photos in our collections. Yours is a real gem.

  4. I can remember doing the “elephant has a great big trunk” with our kids but don’t have any photos as I recall, certainly none of this vintage. Lovely pic.

    1. I would have written more about our annual trip to the zoo but I’m saving it for Z is for Zoo. Thank you for the nomination. I’m on my way to see it.

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