Henry Cleage – Christmas on Scotten

Henry Cleage Christmas
This photo was taken the same year and from the same place as my Grandfather Cleage’s photograph.

My uncle Henry. If it was during WW2 he had come in from the farm while Hugh stayed out there to take care of the chickens and cows.  They alternated holidays. One of the last stories I remember Henry telling was how he was coming back from Christmas in Detroit. There had been a heavy snow storm and the roads were un-plowed.  He was walking out to the farm when he passed a man walking into town and realized it was Hugh.

5 thoughts on “Henry Cleage – Christmas on Scotten

  1. Pascal:

    Your Uncle Henry (in this particular photograph) reminds me of that actor, Farley Grainger (sp?) who was in that classic movie, “Strangers On A Train.” Kool!

    Wow! Extraordinary work on your part!!! Just Amazing!

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