“Miss Kate Cleage of Chattanooga recently received…”

“Miss Kate Cleage of Chattannoga, recently received $3,000 pension from the government”
From- “State Capital” Springfield, IL This included back pension from 1866 forward

According to the inflation calculator, $3,000 in 1892 would be equivalent to $83,332 in today’s dollars.

$8 a month commencing February 20, 1866 and $12 month March 19, 1886. Thomas Giffe, recognized attorney receives a fee of $10.

There is no information about how Katie Cleage’s life changed after receiving her pension. She does not appear in any more news stories.


Information from Katie Cleage’s Pension file. The newspaper clipping is from Ancestry.com

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    1. I hope so too. I just have an uneasy feeling someone tricked her out of all that money. At least she would have still had the monthly checks though.

  1. Hey Katie got some of her husband’s pension, I bet it was supposed to be more. Thank GOD! I wish I could tell my family story like you do.

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