Sarah Jane Reed Busby – Obituary

Sarah “Sally” Reed Busby
Sarah Jane Busby 1871-1954

Sarah Jane Reed Busby was my grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage’s older sister. She was sixteen when my grandmother was born. She grew up in Lebanon, Kentucky and moved to Indianapolis around 1887. In 1889 she married James Busby and moved to Benton Harbor Michigan where their ten children were born. All but the two oldest lived to adulthood.

Her husband James; four of her sons – Rosco, Roscoe, James and Morris; two of her sisters – Josie and Lillian and three of her brothers – George, Hugh and Clarence preceded her in death.

You can read more about Sarah Jane Busby in these two posts: Correspondence Relating to George Reed’s Estate and Canning With Aspirin Instead of Sugar.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Jane Reed Busby – Obituary

  1. Precious memories.
    I never knew any of my grandparents (or indeed any relatives other than immediate family). I am pretty certain I missed out on lots of levels.

  2. I often wonder what it would be like to have lost a child, or even now as an elder of the family, what it would feel like to have the younger members die before I go. Well, it’s not mine to decide, so I won’t worry. So many people do continue their lives after the loss of loved ones. I’ve had to make my own family of friends, not having my own relations close by…and it’s a good thing to have them to share our lives together.

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