George Reed Funeral – May 31, 1945

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George Reed Funeral

“Funeral Services for George Reed, 73, colored, who died Monday at the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Cleage, Detroit, were held today at the C.M.C. Willis mortuary, with the Rev. J.A. Alexander, pastor of Bethel, A. M. E. church, officiating. Burial was in Crown Hill. the body was accompanied here by Dr. and Mrs. Cleage and Henry Cleage, Detroit. Mr. Reed became ill here a year and a half ago and was taken to Detroit where he lived with his sister, Mrs. Cleage. Survivors, besides Mrs. Cleage, are two other sisters, Mrs. Sara Busby, Benton Harbor, Mich.; and Mrs. Minnie Mullins, Detroit; and two brothers, Clarence Reed, Chicago, and Hugh Reed who has lived in the West several years.”

George was actually closer to 78. He appears in the 1870 census as three year old George Ray with his mother Annie Ray.

Last Will and Testament of George Reed

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George Reed 1873 – 1945 – Tombstone Tuesday

4 thoughts on “George Reed Funeral – May 31, 1945

  1. Thank you Kris. Names I heard as a child, and haven’t heard since now become clear. In 1945 I was five years old. I remember my grandmother, Mom and some of her sisters discussing George Reed’s funeral. “Where is Indianapolis? It’s in Indiana.” Then I went to play. I don’t remember encountering Sara Busby even though we went to Benton Harbor to see Uncle Arthur and Aunt Hazel numerous times.

  2. Sarah Busby died in 1954. I remember my uncle Henry saying that there was a lot of drama between the sisters and sometimes they were speaking and sometimes they weren’t. Not including my grandmother who was speaking to everybody.

    Do you remember hearing anything about any Robertsons? I just found a marriage record for the oldest sister, Josie, who was born about 1865 and died before 1900 (I think) Her husband left her and took their son. His name was Charles. She had a daughter, who I believe is the Bessie in the Reed household in 1900. I can’t find any of them after that marriage record, except Bessie and don’t know the son’s name.

    1. Do remember anything about Josephine or Josie who my aunt Gladys described as “Languid Josephine.” Her husband left her and took their son and left their daughter, Bessie and Josephine used to stand in front of the boys photo (where oh where is it??) and cry.

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