Christmas Bookmark from Uncle Clarence

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My great uncle Clarence Elwood Reed was 2 years older than my Grandmother Pearl Doris Reed. While doing some scanning of old photographs and newspaper articles recently my cousin Jan came across a book mark in my grandmother’s journal. Unfortunately the only thing written in this journal was my grandmother’s name, address and the date – December 25, 1903.  Perhaps it was a Christmas present.

Clarence is something of a mystery to me. I wrote about him several years ago – Madness Monday.  I still haven’t found him in the 1920 and 1930 census but I did find him in the 1940 census with yet another name for his wife, Mamie Reed. This census entry is the most confused I’ve seen. The head of the house is listed as Clarence Reed, a female and all of the other data is really for Mamie. Mamie is listed as a male and all the data is really for Clarence. Pretty confusing. It’s just a whim that I decided to check out this Clarence Reed who was born in Tennessee instead of Kentucky.

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Picture 3 A photo of 4845 S. Michigan in Chicago, Illinois taken from Google maps. This was Uncle Clarence Reeds address when he sent the bookmark.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Bookmark from Uncle Clarence

    1. A cousin knew that he had been married and that is all. I am going to make a timeline for him. I don’t think he was in the service or that he lived outside of the country. Even without the 1920 and 1930 census, between his marriages and draft registrations and his brother’s will he seems to have lived in Chicago his adult life. I’ll keep looking though.

  1. Man, Kris, you are REALLY good at this! If you would, please tell Jim that, in my opinion, he just gets luckier and luckier every day that he’s married to you! (Smile.)

  2. Your mother’s journal reminds me of a diary that I tried to keep when I was a child. It had a lock, so I could write my secret thoughts. I was excited about having it–but somehow never actually get around to writing anything.

  3. Ms.Kristin you have some of the most sentimental memories. I loved this! and the Chicago photo. I need to use the google map feature more.

    1. If only she’d written about her Christmas that year! I remember once she told me about a dollhouse she had when she was little. I loved dollhouses and I asked her why she didn’t save it for me? She laughed and said she didn’t know there was going to be me. Nothing to do with the journal but the thought just came to mind.

  4. That bookmark is beautiful. It reminds me of one I have from about the same era that my mother saved and passed on to me. I should dig it out and compare it to yours. Happy New Year to you and yours, Kristin.

    1. It’s interesting, although not surprising, that so many of our memories and artifacts are similar even though they’re different. I’d love to compare the bookmarks. Happy New Year to you too, Nancy.

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