Jilo’s First Christmas 1970

christmas_1970 1

Nightgown & Undershirts –  Pee Wee and Winslow.
Sleeper – Grandmother Cleage.
Pop beads, music box, rings, boat, rattle – Ma and Henry.
Poppy $10
Louis $10
Barbara – back carrier.
Silver spoon – Gladys.
2 sleepers & clutch ball – Martha.
Jim out of town (St. Louis) .
Xmas eve at Miriams.  Living at Bro. Johns.
Xmas, went by Grandmother’s. first time she saw Jilo.
Dinner and spent the night at Ma’s.
Jim back on 30th.  Party at BCL (ugh).
Man across the street from Miriam’s hollering for help (“I’m not kidding Help!”)
Pearl and Micheal didn’t come home for Xmas.

Holding my oldest daughter, Jilo
Jilo and great grandfather Mershell C. Graham.

4 thoughts on “Jilo’s First Christmas 1970

  1. I love the “Jilo and me photo” it is a classic. Takes me back to my days at college. Now I know where you got the silk screen bug; from the hippy days. I too have a picture of me with an Afro and wild looking clothes. Those were the days.
    Thank You.

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