Lillian Louise Reed Shoemaker With Nieces

Aunt Lu (Lillian Louise Shoemaker) with Nieces
Front: Thomas and Theresa. Back Hugh and Anna.

A few weeks ago, a cousin from a “lost” branch of my grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage’s family found me through  Her father and his siblings grew up thinking they were of Italian descent.   My cousin was trying to find out what ship they came over on when she discovered they weren’t Italian, they were African American and my cousins.  Since then we have been exchanging information and photographs.  The newest one from her is the top photo.  It shows her great grandmother, Louise Reed Shoemaker, with two girls.  There is no information on the photograph.  The photograph on the bottom is a photograph from my grandmother’s collection of Lillian Louise and her brother Hugh Reed’s children.  The girls look a little older in my cousin’s photo but to me it’s clear they are they same people, even though they weren’t able to get a good scan yet.

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  1. I could not be any happier, knowing you, knowing your family. Thanks for sharing them with the world.

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