Lowndes Adams Found in 1965

Today while looking for old Easter pictures, I found a partial answer to the question I asked at the end of my blog post on the migration from Montgomery to points north – Did Lowndes Adams and my grandfather ever see each other again, or keep in touch?  I found a photo from 1965 of Lowndes and four of his sisters.  I don’t know where it was taken, not at my grandparents house for sure, but it shows they did keep in touch. From L to R we have: Jessie, Maude, Jane, Alice and Lowndes.

Here is a list of household members in the 1900 census.
James M Adams         53
Ida Adams                  41
Sarah Adams              18
Emaline Adams          16
Maud Adams              13
Ida Jessie Adams        12
Lowndes W Adams      9
James Russel Adams    6
Alice Adams                 3

Although Jane doesn’t appear in this census, she does appear in the 1910 census as an 8 year old.

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Now back to looking for those Easter pictures.

6 thoughts on “Lowndes Adams Found in 1965

  1. Interesting. Is Jane a sister, she not in the 1900 census?

    Keep looking. Great work!


  2. What a great find. I just found a photo copy of school group, and somebody has listed all the names of the people in the photo on the bottom of it. My mom was the teacher and I had other relatives in there too.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised at some point if one these folks popped out of your boxes! Amazing detail that you keep uncovering.

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