Easter Memories

Henry, Toddy, Albert Sr & little Gladys
Henry’s back, Hugh looking out of car.
Kris ((me) and my sister, Pearl at our Cleage grandparents house with our “mashies” and Easter baskets. 1953

Memories of Easter – dying eggs in my Graham grandparent’s basement on Easter Saturday with my sister and cousins.  Easter baskets with jelly beans and chocolate eggs and one big chocolate Easter bunny.  Tiny fuzzy chicks.    The year someone gave us 4 or 5 real chicks that died one by one in their box in the basement.  Sugar eggs decorated with wavy blue, pink and yellow icing and a little scene inside.  Reading the book “The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes”, new clothes, going to church. Going by the Grandmother Cleage’s after church.  What I don’t remember is gathering for a big Easter meal like we did for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I wonder why?

I have some Easter hats here and although you can’t see them clearly, my sister and I are holding some stuffed bunnies.  To see other Easter or bunny Sepia Saturday offerings click here.

15 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  1. Thank you so much for your Easter walk down Memory Lane.

    Someplace I have pictures of my cousin Shelly and I on our grandparents porch, as we held our Easter baskets, but I was to lazy to find them.

    Happy Easter!

    Kathy M.

    PS – If you tried to link to my post yesterday and it just led you back to the SS page; please try again under Kathy Matthews FOR REAL! Sorry for the hassle.

  2. You two look darling with your Easter baskets. I didn't have any Easter pictures at all. I do remember coloring eggs, though. And having ham for Sunday dinner.

  3. Now that you mention it, we also did the baskets and bunnies part of Easter, but not the big meal. I too wonder why.

  4. We always had a special meal with ham for Easter. I still buy ham for Easter even though it is just for myself.

  5. we had ham too and i'll be having it tomorrow, along with a baked chicken for those who don't eat pork. We had a meal at home but not an extended family meal.

    @oregon, I couldn't figure out where/how to post on your page, I did find it though.

  6. Easter wasn't such a big deal in Scotland – no baskets or bunnies. We boiled eggs and painted them then rolled them down a hill. Picked out the tarmac and ate the egg, then home to look for the Chocolate egg, which was the Big Deal! Jo 🙂

  7. You jogged my memory about sugar eggs with scenes inside- I wonder if you can still get those now.

  8. Sugar eggs! I spoke of them in my post too – and those fuzzy chicks you mentioned, were they the ones with the orange paper/wire feet and the glued on feathers? I loved those – but after Easter I would take them apart because I wanted to see the Chinese newspaper stuffing. Similar memories of beautiful times in our childhood!

  9. yes! the ones with the orange paper/wire feet. i didn't take them apart but i don't remember what happened to them.

  10. That first image is just priceless. Wonderful stair step of the three gentlemen, all looking so alike. And then wonderful Gladys with that amazing bonnet.

  11. How sweet the two of you, but what are mashies? This made me remember sugar eggs, they had a scene inside, bunnies or sometimes religious. A weekend of finery in times gone by! Not so much dressing up today..

  12. "mashies" are what my sister and I called our stuffed animals. In another photo that was beyond repair you could see that we were surrounded by stuffed bunnies.

  13. ah, the lady with the great pics collection!! Gladys with her hat is just so darling!! nice memories you got, except for the dea chicks… me, no eggs nor church, but a huge meal, that's for sure!!

    thanx 4 sharing!!

  14. What wonderful photos and memories! THanks for sharing. I love your blog. I have been working on my father's family's tree for years now (it's been on the back burner) I think you have just inspired me to move it to the front. Thanks and God Bless


  15. It is something I never thought of before.But,yes, I cannot remember Easter Meal traditions.Maybe its because of the 'Last Supper'?

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