The Migration Continues Part 4

Mystery woman, Rufus Taylor, his wife Nan.

After posting  Migration Story Part 3 last week my cousin, Ruth (who is not related to Nan) asked her cousin (who is related to Nan) if Nan was married to Rufus Taylor, who was Victor Tulane’s cousin and my grandparent’s friend.   The answer was, yes, Rufus was Nan’s third of four husbands.  After Rufus died, Nan married a Mr. Murphy and ended up in Ohio, where she died in 1988.

2 thoughts on “The Migration Continues Part 4

  1. How wonderful! Another question answered on the migration journey. Thanks for posting – love the photo and the sassy attitude!!

  2. Wow! Nan sure was good at finding a man. She had to be pretty darn special!
    The photo is terrific.

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