Louise Reed Shoemaker

Louise Lillian Reed Shoemaker

My grandmother’s older sister is wearing a cameo broach here, but is otherwise unadorned. Louise Reed was born about 1873 in Lebanon, Kentucky. She was the fourth child of Anna Allen Reed. Her father was Palmer Reed.  In 1889, her sister Sarah married James Busby and moved to Benton Harbor, Michigan. On June 10, 1891, Louise married Michigan native, Solonus Shoemaker, in Berrien County, Michigan. She lived the rest of her life there and died in 1938 at the age of  65. Daughter, Mildred, was born in 1899. Son, Floyd 4 years later in 1903.  She is buried in Chrystal Springs Cemetery in Benton Township, Berrien County.

Mrs. Shoemacker, Berrien Resident For 44 Years, Dies


“Mrs. Lillian Louise Schoemacker, 63 died at 4:30 a. m. today at her home, 693 Maiden Lane. She was born at Lebanon, Ky., October 27, 1874. She was married to Solumun Schoemacker on June 26, 1891, in Berrien county where she had been a resident for 44 years.

Mrs. Schoemacker leaves a son and daughter, F.E. Schoemacker and Mrs. Mildred Wright, both of Benton Harbor; three sisters, Mrs. Sarah Busby of Benton Harbor, Mrs. Minnie Mullen and Mrs. A. B. Cleg of Detroit; three brothers, H.M. Reed, Clarence Reed of Chicago, George Reed of Indianapolis, Ind.

Friends may view the body at the Reiser mortuary. Funeral arrangements are incomplete.”

Note: The last name is spelled “Shoemaker”. “Cleg” is spelled “Cleage”.

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  1. Louise had a strong determined look about her, an almost military bearing.I wonder what she was thinking here?

  2. So very elegant, but perhaps not so comfy! Did I mention already, that I really like your header photo, that is especially neat.

  3. I didn’t really notice her collar except to admire the cameo until I read the previous comments. Instead, I was drawn to her expression. Louise Lillie was a bright-eyed thing, wasn’t she?

  4. great pic! .. get in position and hold that pose….? 1-2 minutes and don’t move?

    1. I forgot I had done that until I was looking for a copy of the photo before I cleaned it up to share and found the combined photos.

  5. Delightful photo Kristin. I too often look into the eyes of young women, in photos taken at a time in their life when they had no idea how events would unfold, and my heart skips a beat.
    Beautiful brooch and very pretty dress… thanks for sharing.

  6. Maybe the stiff collar was endured in order to show off the brooch for the formal portrait. As soon as the sitting was over she probably unbuttoned her dress and breathed a sigh of relief (in the privacy of her own bedroom of course!).

  7. When once 65 seemed old, now with it clearly in my sites it seems a horribly young age to die.

  8. I live near Berrien Springs Michigan. Do you have a photo of her tombstone? Or . . .do you even want one? Lovely lady.

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