14 thoughts on “Louis Plays the Lute

  1. Louis was clearly a man of many talents, musical and otherwise. I read your earlier post about him. My grandmother olayed the mandolin, but I’ve already shown the photo.

    1. After almost 300 posts, it’s getting harder and harder to find new ones, isn’t it? And some of the upcoming prompts…

      Yes, he was a man of many talents and in many directions.

  2. Louis obviously loved his music. What a happy, contented look on his face as he plays. The look of a true musician.

  3. Above and beyond anything else, it is a great photograph. As for themes: take the plunge and abandon them. As Karl Marx once said, “Sepians of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your themes”

  4. I have no idea what made me think it but my first thought was what a lovely cuddly little instrument. It must be because it fits so comfortably between the body and the arms. And about repeating photos, I have no worries about seeing a photo a second time as it’s usually viewed from a different perspective and considering the number of images we look at each week we probably wouldn’t realize anyway.

  5. Louis must have been pleased with that romantic photo and its very artistic lighting. The mandolin is indeed a cuddly instrument. The strings are tuned the same as a violin, so it is a favorite instrument of fiddlers.

  6. Ah yes, a man and his music, sure makes life wonderful, and it glows from his face. Lovely photo Kristin.

  7. Louis looks so happy playing his mandolin. I too struggle to come up with fresh images, but I don’t mind anyone repeating photographs, as they often appear in a different context, and there is a such great appeal in vintage photographs – and you have shown what impact just one image can have.

  8. In September 1951 Skip and I went to Louis’ office for school physicals. Louis enjoyed smoking – I think he smoked Camels. Louis told us that smoking was a bad habit and that we should not start. As he told us, he was enjoying his Camel – deep draws. At that time he had his cabin cruiser docked on the Canadian side of the river near Windsor. Nice boat. Louis was caring Doctor and cool guy.

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