The Day Louis Cleage Died – 7 Feb 1918

In 2011 a genealogy friend of mine, Megan Heyl of Hunting Down History, was helping me find the death date and place for my great grandfather, Louis Cleage.  She wrote to the Indianapolis Public Library and asked librarian Mike Perkins if he could tell us anything.  At the time, he could not. However, on October 6, 2015, he sent a copy of Louis Cleage’s death notice from the Indianapolis Star.  That is 4 years later!

louis cleage death 1918

I wondered what was happening on the day he died.  Using, I was able to locate the full issue of The Indianapolis Star for February 7, 1918 and find out.  The first thing I noticed when looking at the full list of deaths for that day, was that 6 of the 11 people that died, died of  pneumonia.  Below is a collage made from articles and advertisements in that day’s issue of The Indianapolis Star.

feb 7 1918 news

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