Me And My Pal

"Me and my pal." From the Graham family photo album.
“Me and my pal.” From the Graham family photo album.

I’m not sure who either of these are but I wish I did. They are friends of my grandparents, Mershell and Fannie Graham, that I know.

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18 thoughts on “Me And My Pal

  1. What a cute picture. I hope you’re able to find out who they are someday. At least you have an idea.

  2. The woman has a lovely haircut. The little boy looks a bit unsettled, like perhaps a Halloween ghoul is approaching.

  3. The little boy looks a bit camera-shy – no way is he going to smile. You wouldn’t think someone would write that if they weren’t one of the two in the photo, but I guess it’s a caption rather than a label.

    1. The handwriting looks like my grandmother’s writing and it definitely isn’t her and the little boy isn’t one of her sons.

  4. I’ve seen that look on my grandson’s face. It looks as though she’s trying to persuade him to smile for the camera. The cameraman obviously gave up and took it anyway.

  5. What a wonderful photo! The porch columns, the rail, the woven work covering the side of the porch — lovely woman and sweet little boy (what’s going on in his mind, eh?); I can feel the sunshine…

    1. She and the rest of the household knew who he was and I think it was just a “cute” title for the photo. There are more than one photo where the person isn’t identified, or maybe they are but there is a title, “Guess Who?” “Shell and his pal”

  6. The way the write has used quote marks makes me wonder if the writer perhaps were referring to the 1933 Laurel and Hardy movie “Me and my Pal” . Do you think that fits the time frame ?

    1. No, it was in the early 1920s. Maybe the title to that film came about because people used the word “pal” more often then. I have several other photos where a child is refered to as “pal”.

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