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This week I spent hours putting my photographs from the paternal side in order.  First by grouping them into piles according to the numbers on the reverse side.  After dividing them up by number, I then started dating the files.  I was able to determine who some of the babies were in later photos by which siblings were already there and how old they were.  I will show some of these in a later post.  It’s been slow going and I almost missed Sepia Saturday.  However I thought I should make an entry.  Above you see some of the piles.

These two photographs have the same number.  I have wondered for years if that boy with the stocking cap on standing next to the car was my father.  When I saw the photo of my Uncle Louis (on the left) and my father, Albert, with the stocking cap, I saw it was him.  There are other photos that have both boys that have different numbers but they appear to be taken at the same time on one of the family’s annual trips to Athens Tennessee, my grandfather’s hometown.  One brother, Edward, remained in Athens.  The rest of the family ended up first in Indianapolis, IN and then in Detroit, MI.

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24 thoughts on “Photos, Photos Everywhere

  1. i see you've finally posted!! good!!
    i marveled at the number of pictures you've got piled up there. i don't have that many…
    both pictures are great, but i must say i prefer the one with the car. the atmospheric perspective is great, the men appear quite stylish, and the whole composition works.

    this said, both pictures have their own merits, and anyway, they are for you memories to cherish.
    glad you were able to post this week.
    thanx 4 sharing!!

  2. I woke up this morning thinking what I should have posted about was the collection itself – the oldest photos, the beginning of snapshots. when most photos were taken, why there are so many photos…but i guess i'll have to work that one up today.

    Yes, the car photo is the most atmospheric and interesting. I wonder who took the car one. i put the other one was mainly for identification purposes.

  3. Interesting post. There are few things I enjoy more than scrummaging through a big box of old family photographs. In a way, it's even more fun than looking through an album. Interesting how the boy and the man have identical expressions. It's quite easily identifiable. I really like the car photo. There must be a story there.

  4. Thanks Luckie! Thank you for getting me started.
    Nana Jo, I'm sure there is a story. I think I'll check with my Athens cousin and see if she knows anything about such a bridge.

  5. You have got enough photographs there to keep us entertained with Sepia Saturday posts for ages to come. Both of your featured photographs are wonderful : the kind of photographs that you can look at for ages and keep seeing new elements.

  6. Yesterday I found MORE PHOTOS, one that goes with the two posted. Guess I will post it for next Sepia, if not before.

  7. You have organized yours much more neatly and numbered them too. I have been sorting into manila envelopes per each of my tribes and their branches. It takes a lot of time. That photo of the car coming across a bridge is very interesting. If you are like me, you can get wrapped into a photo, reflections and computer searches and looking for the related photos that were just her a day go! 🙂 and before you know hours and hours are gone!It is an all consuming journey! I envy your neat stacks..

  8. Pat, yes I do find hours going by. I didn't number them, I found that they already had numbers on the back. This is helping me organize them.

  9. You are so lucky that someone numbered your photos. We should all be so lucky!!!
    I always enjoy your photos. A big thank you to "The Numberer".

  10. Barbara. nobody numbered the photos. if you look at the post before this one it shows the back of one of the photographs and the number that is PRINTED on it, I think when it was developed the whole roll would be printed with the same number. that is how i am able to match groups of photographs taken on the same day or at least close to each other. Look on the backs of snapshots from the 1920'. 1930's you may find numbers on yours too.

  11. Your stacks of photos, look much like my own table! The car and bridge is so remarkable…love that picture!

  12. Wow, you have so many old photos. How wonderful. I like these informal shots the best, because you get a better sense of what life was like, how they lived, and what they liked to do.

  13. OMG!!!
    god knows what else you could find!!
    did you speak to that cousin of yours, in Athens???

    keep us posted!!
    this was a great addition.
    man, i need to go rummage through hose pics. looks like you truly have a goldmine!!!
    do you even realize this???

  14. alright!!
    in my enthusiasm, i didn't even realize if you had a filter here… since i follow all comments here, i noticed you got spammers enough to come out of your ears… go to your blog's setting and request the "word verification". most of us have it already, and we won't be offended to fill in a few letters to get through. you did a nice clean up job, but it's more trouble that it's worth. ask anyone, it does rid you of most of those &^$# spammers. russinas are a pest sometimes. yeah, your spammers were russians, i checked…

  15. Tickle, I do have a filter that has caught ALL the spam and it doesn't reach the page. I didn't realize anybody that subscribed to the page got it too though! Not good. Are you seeing it all?

  16. My cousin in Athens, TN thinks it might be a ferry closer in Athens. I hope I can find some info that would tell me but Louisville is right there on the route between Indianapolis and Athens. I remember going across a bridge there when we made that trip a few years ago.

  17. there's only so much you can do. but at least, it keeps them from spreading their web of trouble…
    but i must say, they seem to target you often, for such a respectable blog.

  18. no idea why. they never appeared on the page, went straight to spam so i thought they never went beyond my mailbox. thanks for letting me know.

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