Timelines – Frank and Juda Cleage: 1816 – 1870

Yesterday I added slave documents to Frank and Juda Cleage’s timelines.  Without these additions, there would only be the 1866 Marriage record and the 1870 Census. I have been unable to find them after 1870.  I am still hopeful that more information will become available.

Frank Cleage - Overview - Ancestry.com
Juda Cleage - Overview - Ancestry.com

6 thoughts on “Timelines – Frank and Juda Cleage: 1816 – 1870

  1. Great timelines. You are giving them voices but what a shame they disappear after 1870. I want to growl every time I read of them being handed around and treated like property, which of course they were at the time. I am gnashing my teeth.

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