A Silhouette of Cousin Warren

warren evans silloute 1Here is a silhouette of my cousin Warren Evans in about 1951.  He was born in 1948 and looks about 3 to me.  I don’t know who did the cutting, as there is no signature.

A few years later Warren and his brother Dale at Christmas time with a horse under the tree.
A few years later Warren and his brother Dale at Christmas time with a horse under the tree.


Fast Forwarding to November 2014 Warren Evans was elected Wayne County CEO with 72% of the vote.

Earlier posts about Warren:  Warren Evans – Then and Now and  Warren’s Christmas Birthday Party.

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For more Sepia Saturday posts, CLICK!

17 thoughts on “A Silhouette of Cousin Warren

  1. What a charming silhouette, especially with the detail in the cap. As for that second picture, ooh boy, that floor looks like an invitation to go slipping and sliding on something. Tinker Toy?

  2. A perfect match. A very skillful artist did this. Silhouettists used very small scissors not unlike nail clippers. I think they often worked at children’s parties and the like.

  3. Two excellent images. The silhouette – so simple yet so complex – and the photograph – so busy and complex yet so simple.

    1. The more I look at that Christmas photo, the more I see a double exposure with the tree shimmering in a ghostly way over the scene.

  4. You ticked two boxes; silhouette and horse! I think you’re right about the double exposure as there are cards floating too!

  5. Whoever did the silhouette did a beautiful job! The boys had quite the haul that Christmas – three tricycles, a horsie, Tinker Toys, & whatever that is they’re playing with. All right!!!

  6. Carew Rice was a famous artist specializing in silhouettes. He’s from South Carolina but he traveled all over. I met him in the 1960s at the Arts and Crafts Festival in Lenoir City, Tennessee. He was the top at his craft, and possibly the creator of your silhouette.

  7. You are so lucky to have a silhouette of a family member. And I am lucky that you are a wordpress user and I am able to make this comment as the blogger sites won’t accept my comments this week.

  8. I tend to think of silhouettes as a Victorian pastime. The 1950’s one of Warren conveys in such simple terms the essence of a little boy from that era. particularly the way the cap has been cut. Reminds me too of my brother who would be the same age. Beautifully crafted.

  9. I love that your blog is more up to date than Wikipedia’s entry about your cousin and Wayne County politics! I don’t envy Cousin Warren his new job. It looks to be a tough one. Well done you on keeping us all informed and on hitting the target theme this week.

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