Warren Evans – Then And Now

warrengunsThis is the 12th post in the February Photo Collage Festival, and the second post of six that will answer the question someone asked when I posted this photograph (follow the link to see it) – What happened to these kids?  Today is the turn of Warren Cleage Evans, the birthday honoree in 1958. Warren has spent his working life in law enforcement. Before his retirement last year, he had been a member of the Detroit Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff, Detroit Chief of Police and a candidate for Mayor of Detroit. He also has a law degree, 2 lovely daughters and 5 fantastic granddaughters.  He still lives in the Detroit area and is now able to devote more time to his horses, antique cars and playing golf.

Warren Evans then and now.

warren_workMy personal favorite action by Sheriff Warren C. Evans was when he refused to accept “no” for an answer and took 9 truckloads of supplies and 33 deputies to help in the aftermath of Katrina. Here is an excerpt from the book The Political Economy of Hurricane Katrina and Community Rebound by Emily Chamlee-Wright about that incident.

“One of the best examples of this voluntary initiative is what we call ‘tale of two sheriffs’: Sheriff Warren Evans of Wayne County, Michigan and Sheriff Dennis Randle of Carroll County, Indiana. Both sheriffs were eager to assist the hurricane victims, and both had control over the necessary resources. Sheriff Evans, on the one hand, ignored both FEMA and his governor’s instructions to wait for FEMA approval and went to New Orleans with nine truckloads of supplies and 33 deputies to help (Parker 2005). Sheriff Randle, on the other hand, followed procedure, was buried under mounds of FEMA paperwork, and faced an unnavigable approval process.  He never made it to New Orleans (Phillips 2005)”

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  1. Wow Kristin, Didn’t know you were related to Warren. I work with his ex-wife Vicki. Actually my daughter is named after their two kids, Erika and Nicole. I keep saying it’ a small, small world. Tell you what, I wished he was still the police chief. He could handle these young thugs/criminals in this city.

  2. I just love to read your posts Kristin and marvel at the similarities I continue to find. In this case, today, I read about Warren Evans and how he was a Detroit Police officer and a Wayne County sheriff. My great-grandfather, Rudolph Schulte, was also a Detroit Police Officer and a Wayne County sheriff though much earlier – in the early 1900’s. I have his badges today similar to the ones you posted. Upon retirement he went into the insurance business. Great post!

  3. A very big thumbs up for Wayne for going to New Orleans after Katrina…how those poor people were let down by so many. He certainly had an impressive career, and interesting to see he’s shown in a number of heavy-duty tactical response situations among your photos.

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