What Has Pearl Cleage Been doing since 1958?

pearl_writingThis is the 11th post in the February Photo Collage Festival, and the first post of six that will answer the question someone asked when I posted this photograph (follow the link to see it) – What happened to these kids?  I will be starting with my sister, Pearl Cleage.  She became a writer. Pearl just completed another book which will be out not too far in the future.  Aside from being a Genius and an acclaimed writer she also raised one fabulous daughter and now enjoys four wonderful grandchildren. She is also married to the love of her life, fellow writer Zeke Burnett.  One of her favorite activities is walking on mornings when it’s not raining, with me.  You can listen to an interview with Pearl from several years ago at the bottom of this page.

Pearl in 1957 and now

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Pearl’s work – plays, stories, novels, non-fiction, poetry.


10 thoughts on “What Has Pearl Cleage Been doing since 1958?

  1. Kristin that’s wonderful, to have a sister who is a writer. It must be in the blood as you write so well too.

  2. Your photo collages and writting challenge post shows that you are compassionately committed and we thank you for sharing with the gene community. You are developing an outstanding work of art.

  3. Pearl is definitely a favorite author of mine and I had the good fortune to meet her when her book tours brought her to Black Images Book Store (before it closed) in Dallas, TX. Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

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