Gathering at my Cleage grandparents 1955

This isn’t Thanksgiving.  I don’t see a turkey.  Most of the cousins are missing. But it’s the only family dinner I could find that wasn’t in the summer for this side of the family.  My grandmother at the end of the table in photo one and my grandfather at the end in the other.  My father chewing next to my grandfather.

7 thoughts on “Gathering at my Cleage grandparents 1955

  1. it can't be a holiday because Ernie is the only kid there. were you born when he was that little?

  2. how cool! i remember Atkinson so vividly. Thanks for sharing. It's funny how I look at pictures of you and your children & grandchildren eating together as a family. What a time honored tradition!!! I miss that. Do you guess-timate the year of these phots Kris? Or is it documented somewhere?

  3. It's in the title Claire – 1955 😉
    don't you all sit down to the table and eat? you should. as Henry said, it's often the only time of the day when all members of the family are present. and if the tv is off and everybody is there the conversation can be amazing. or at least interesting.

  4. Lol. I was asking whether you guess the dates or if they are physically inscribed somewhere (like the back of a photog)but after reading more –my assumption is that you guesstimate based on know-how, information sharing and know-ledge. COOL!

  5. Ohhhh, on these photographs it was printed in the white part around the photo but I cut that off when uploading the photo. sometimes it's on the back. not so much with the cleage photos though. so i guesstimate based on how old they look.

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