Cleages Wordless Wednesday

Albert B. Cleage, Sr 1883 – 1957

My grandfather, Albert B. Cleage Sr. at home -1935
Wordless Wednesday

Louise and Ronnie

Louise and Ronnie – Chicago 1941

Unknown Man on Unknown Road

Grahams Montgomery Alabama

Mershell C. Graham on the Porch – Wordless Wednesday

My grandfather, Mershell C. Graham sitting on the porch railing of his unofficially adopted family’s home in Montgomery, Alabama in the early 1900s. Mary Graham seated in the rocker and her son John Clifton seated on the stairs.


Gamma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha

My grandfather, Albert B. Cleage Sr is 5th from the left, top row. Dr. Ames, who I talked about here Births, Deaths,Doctors and Detroit – Part 2- The Doctors & Detroit  in the 1920s is 7th from the left in the 3rd row down.

Gamma Lamda Chapter
Alpha Phi Alpha
Detroit, Mich 1926
Mystery Photographs

Mystery Photograph Identified

Today I received a call from my cousin Jacqui to tell me that the mystery photograph is her mother, Naomi Tulane Vincent with her two oldest children, Hubert and Sylvia Vincent.  Hubert was born in 1923 and Sylvia was born in 1929 so this photo would be from the early 1930s.

Allen Mystery Photographs

Mystery Photo

One of Eliza’s daughters, but which one?  Two of her grandchildren, but who?

To see the answer to these questions click Mystery Photograph Identified.

Turner Wordless Wednesday

My Grandmother Fannie on an outing – Wordless Wednesday

Reading left to right
1.  Herman C. King
2. Naomi Tulane (my grandmother’s cousin)
3. A??? Forbes
4.  Alfred Young (?)
5.  Fannie Turner (my grandmother)
6. ??? McDonald
7.  ?? McDonald
???? behind
Holly Springs

Wordless Wednesday

Big Brother Albert B. Cleage Jr

Louis seated, my father Albert standing. 1913 Kalamazoo, Michigan

Advent Calendar

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Mershell Cunningham Graham 1888 – 1973

Poppy chose to celebrate his birthday on Christmas day because he didn’t know the date he was born.  I don’t remember ever celebrating his birthday, but I don’t remember celebrations for any of my grandparents birthdays.