6 thoughts on “My Grandmother Fannie on an outing – Wordless Wednesday

  1. I love the unposed pictures of my ancestors. You can almost feel the emotion. Great pic.

  2. The women are so animated and the men so not. Grand picture. Have you analyzed the ink blots? I see a broken smile.

  3. Susan, those aren't ink blots, they are the remains of the black photo page I peeled the photo off of to see if I could read the names on the back. not so easy when my grandmother put them in there using mucilage. 😛

  4. i do see that face though, now that you brought it to my attention.
    Yes too bad we will never know the story. Why were they in Holly Springs, 278 miles from Montgomery Alabama? Was it someone's graduation? Did they all travel from Montgomery or were some of them students there? Or locals? How did they travel?

  5. Great photo! Would love to find one of the family like that!

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