Drawing of Me, 1968

My Aunt Gladys Cleage Evans drew this pencil sketch of me after dinner at my grandmother Cleage’s dining room table.  I did a sketch of her at the same time.  It has been (thankfully) lost.  At some point I tore the picture out of my journal notebook and glued it into a scrapbook.  This was before I knew what glue can do.  I’ve cleaned it up some.  Many lively political discussions took place around that table.   Click for other Sepia Saturday offerings.

14 thoughts on “Drawing of Me, 1968

  1. I am so far behind on my reading, but had to tell you how much I love your aunt's sketch. Fabulous! There's an abundance of talent in that family of yours, Kristin.

  2. Gorgeous pencil sketch, you are fortunate to have this; I'd frame it. I have forever lost some old things from my teen year scrap books, glue, etc. Didn't know any better back then…sign

  3. Wow! Your aunt was a wonderful artist. I don't know if the drawing looks like your or not, but either way, the drawing itself is fabulous. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. WoW! Kris. The sketch is AWESOME! You look Gorgeous. The resemblance between you and Tulani is uncanny.
    I remember at least 3 sketches that were framed at my house on Archdale and neither my Mom or Dad can tell me where they are now. I would love to have one!!! Matter of fact, I think my Dad has one at his ranch. Maybe he will give it to me one day. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing.

  5. hmmmm, so claire, i see that we are related and i suggest you ask your gammie where the sketches are. after her surgery maybe. i remember your uncle got one for her from my father's apt on seward after he died. jan had some paintings. good luck! and thank you for your kind words. yes, tulani and i do "resemble".

  6. Wow! nice sketch using pencil. I want to draw myself using charcoal pencil. I think its great. God bless you..

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