17 thoughts on “My Mother, Doris Graham Cleage – 1952

  1. Interesting photo to show the length of skirts in those days. In 1952 I was just about taking an interest in such things.
    I wonder if she knew the photographer was there.

  2. Kristen, you're so early for Sepia Saturday this week!!!! I'm only just beginning to think about a photo to post….

    This is a really interesting and unusual photo. My first thought was she didn't want to be photographed and was "hiding" from the camera, but you've said that's probably not so. I wonder what she was looking at or why she was sitting turned toward the wall. I love all variations of blacks, whites, and greys in this photo (or variations on sepia, if you will). Lovely.

  3. I have so many photos of my mother looking away from the camera, or with her hand up blocking her face… it makes me crazy. But this photo is so interesting… the way she's touching her earring, looking down and away… I can't help but wonder what she's thinking about. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I agree with everyone who wondered what she was thinking. I thought maybe someone was playing the piano but I guess not. She is a neat nice looking, stylish woman. Blessings

  5. Such an interesting moment caught. I am filled with speculation as to the moment. Shy? Unaware? Disinterested? Lovely for sure.

  6. Ditto on if we could know the thought. I wondered too if she tried to duck from the shot, but you have explained not. Nice photo

  7. She wouldn't have tried to hide from shyness. She wasn't shy. She might have been playing with the photographer. Or upset. We'll just have to make up our own stories.

  8. It is almost a vulnerable photo, as though she's so lost in thought she's unaware of her surroundings. I play with my earring when I'm thinking.

  9. WHY SO COY?!
    then i thought, perhps she had lost a hearing and was looking for it, but she's visibly wearing the two of them, so?… was there a pet in the room and she was watching it then? or she just noticed the space between the wall and the organ needed to be vacuumed…
    who knows?
    lovely picture nonetheless.

  10. no pets in the house ever so nope. pretty sure she wasn't checking her mother-in-laws housekeeping so closely. it must remain a mystery.

  11. It is a grand photograph, either beautifully staged or captured by chance with a touch of genius.

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