Winter of 1949 -Springfield, Mass

I’m in the front, my mother is propping up my sister Pearl.  My father took the photo in our yard.  He was the pastor of St. John’s Congregational Church in Springfield Massachusetts and we lived in the parsonage/community house right next to the church.  We moved to my parents hometown, Detroit, when I was four where we still had plenty of snow.

These photographs are in a crumpling album that my father put together back in the 1940’s.  He wrote comments on all the photographs. I have to photograph or scan them before they disappear.

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11 thoughts on “Winter of 1949 -Springfield, Mass

  1. I think it is terribly important that such photographs are scanned and put on-line. Together they represent a compendium of social history from around the world.

  2. The photo of you, your sister, and mom is a great photo, but I have to say I really, really like the photo of St. John's Congregational Church in the snow! I hope you can get the photos in your father's album scanned soon to preserve them.

  3. I like that photo too Nancy. The photos aren't falling apart, it's the pages with my father's comments on them. they are just a little large for my scanner but I'm going to make the copying of that album and other photos a priority this coming year.

  4. I have not posted to Sepia this week but am reading…well that is snow, just as we have here now! Brrrrr. Nice photos and I am glad you are scanning and sharing with us

  5. Yes, do get them scanned. I have an album that my mom had not written anything on the backs. I can figure out some of it but mostly it is all a mystery. Great posting.

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