Witherspoon Presbyterian Church Congregation, Indianapolis, Indiana about 1909. My paternal grandparents are in the backrow, 3rd and 4th from right. Also included are my grandfather’s brothers (next to him) and his brother in law 5th from the left.

“It’s as if somehow a groundwork has already been laid and is continually being laid, and all that we have to do is share information with one another and then the connexions would be revealed.”
Paul Lee June 8, 2009

I have found this to be so true while building my family history. Three of the photographs below were from my collection. The rest are from cousins in various branches of my extended family. I met them through sharing information on my Ancestry tree; my DNA; Facebook and this blog. Along with photos, I also received information that helped build the family story.

For more information about the people in the photographs, follow these links

Congregational Photograph – Witherspoon United Presbyterian Church Indianapolis Indiana – 1909
Joe Jackson Obituary
Poem for Poppy – 1974
Mrs. Annie Graham – Obituary – 1964
Mershell & Annie Graham Relationship Proved – DNA, photos, obituary

Finding Eliza Part 1
Fannie Mae Turner Graham Obituary-1975
She was owned before the war by the late Colonel Edmund Harrison of this county

Making Connections
Grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage – Happy Birthday, bio and photos 1886-1982
Louise Reed Shoemaker

“Memories to Memoirs Chapter Two Early Years of Life”
H is for Henry William Cleage
Jacob Cleage 1874-1942
A is for Albert Buford Cleage
Josephine “Josie” Cleage

11 thoughts on “Connections

  1. That is a wonderful group photo!

    I’ve followed you sporadically for quite a while – enough to recognize your grandfather right away, I think. I was counting from the opposite direction though, so maybe I am confused after all.

    You have collected some great pictures from others. Yay for all of the connections available to us!

    1. The photos are all identified, at the bottom of each one. There is no id when you enlarge them though. My grandparents are all in the middle of the three in each line.

    1. Thanks Jan! I’m working on one now about all the other info I received from my cousins . You will get the gold medal for all the stuff you have shared with me. Starting with the letters.

  2. What a great family collage. Great connections! These pictures show real loving family members…your ancestors. I always like thinking that we are the product of thousands of people who loved each other!

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