A-Z Reflections 2016

This was my 4th year participating in the A to Z challenge.  This year I wrote about people who were born into slavery and lived to be free. I found myself (once again) spending hours everyday researching and writing up my posts.

I also visited at least 5 new blogs, most days more. In addition when I found blogs I enjoyed, I revisited them throughout the challenge.  Some of the blogs that I visited multiple times were:

I want to express my appreciation for those who work each year to make the A to Z Challenge happen by setting up and monitoring the linky lists, contributing art work for badges and banners and visiting blogs.

What will I do differently next year?  I am already thinking about what I want to use for my theme next year and plan to write a few posts a month and save them for April 2017.  I enjoyed writing about all the Cleages of Athens, Tennessee last year because it gave me a feeling for the community and the relationships among the families. I missed that in the families I wrote about this year. I will be picking a theme that lets me go more in depth on a town where some of my ancestors lived in Tennessee, Kentucky or Alabama.

Below are links to the posts I wrote for this challenge.

18 thoughts on “A-Z Reflections 2016

  1. I enjoyed the posts that you did for the Challenge this year–and look forward to seeing what you do next year. I continue to be impressed by the amount of research that you put into this blog. Your wonderful efforts definitely show in the posts.

  2. Kristin, I’m so sorry I didn’t come across your blog during the challenge, but I plan to read through it now.

    I don’t know hwat I’ll be blogging about next year. Last year, I knew right away what I wanted to do this year. And… well, I have an idea, I just don’t think I have the knowledge in this moment. But let’s see 🙂

    You’ll see me around 😉

    1. It’s so hard to find everybody with blogs you would enjoy during the challenge. It’s always good to find some additional ones afterwards.

  3. I found your posts this year most interesting and inspiring.

    I have thought about writing posts in advance. Trouble is when I have written them I want to publish – not sure I could sit on them for months at a time.

    I am curious have any descendants of those you wrote about this year contacted you?


    1. I know! If I write I will want to publish too. Nobody new got in touch. Several posts were written about families that I had already been in touch with. Several people have gotten in touch with me after reading about their people on the blog, but not during this years challenge.

  4. You inspired me! I went back to research I abandoned awhile ago and found out some wonderful stuff about my ancestors. I blogged about it over the weekend. I loved some of your photos–so cool.


  5. So many hours of research for each entry! Although they may seem disconnected at times, they’re all part of a web of people who moved in similar directions and were interconnected in all sorts of ways that you don’t always discover. But when you do, even in small ways, it’s so rewarding; like filling in the blanks in pieces of a puzzle you thought were lost forever. Congrats, Kristin, at creating this body of work! And I’m amazed at your stamina to even be thinking about next year.

  6. What a challenge you set yourself this year! I have only just found your blog, but I hope to come back and check out more of your posts. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  7. You did so much research for your blog posts this year, Kristin. I’ll be back to read all of them through!
    Congratulations on completing the AtoZChallenge for 2016!
    Thank you for stopping to read my Reflections post also.

  8. You had a very good theme this year. Congrats on completing your 4th year! I strongly encourage you to get those posts pre-written, because it will most definitely make a difference your challenge experience – for the better!

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  9. Great reflections. I really liked reading your histories as well, and am impressed with the research you must have done. Thanks for including me in your ‘regulars’ list, too. It’s been great having you stop by my blog. As you can see, I am still waaay behind on visiting blogs, but I’m determined to catch up, and look forward to seeing your future stuff. Best to you!

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