Kate Graham – Autauga County Alabama – Lost

This is my 4th year participating in the A-Z Challenge.  I am writing about people who were born into slavery and  lived to be free.

I was looking for one of my enslaved ancestors named William Graham when I found an 1860 estate file on Familysearch.com for Judge William A. Graham  with a list of slaves to be divided between his heirs.  I hoped my great grandfather was one of those named.  I decided to go through the list of 60 plus and see what I could find out using online records. I still don’t know if the William on the list is mine or not, but it has been interesting to find out what happened to those listed after they were freed in 1865.

estate list page 2
Page 2 of the estate file of Judge William Graham. Kate’s name appears on the line with the dot. Click to enlarge.

Kate appears on page two of the 1860 estate file of Judge William A. Graham.  She was three years old and valued at $300. Kate was not in a family grouping.  She was among a group of children that appeared to be without parents.  Kate was placed in lot 4 along with 16 year old Emily and child, six year old Jane and 18 year old John.  They were to go to William A. Graham of Autauga County, Alabama.  Out of that group I have only been able to trace John, who I wrote about at Betsy & John Graham.I was unable to find Kate in the 1870 census or beyond.

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  1. Interesting that Kate was valued so highly at age 3. I’m assuming you didn’t look for her in 1880 since you didn’t find her in 1870. She might have married by then anyway.

    1. I did look in 1880 and in 1900. I found a Kate Graham in Autauga County in 1900. She had been married 3 months. No husband was in the home. She had no children. I couldn’t really say that was her since she could have been Kate whoever and married Mr. Graham. I several Kates with other last names names but they were living far away with nothing to tie them to this particular Kate.

      In the estate file, Fanny and Eliza, both under 2 were valued at $150. Two year old Clara was valued at $300, as were 3 year old Kate and 5 year old Jane. Four year old Antonette and six year old Jacob were valued at $350. An unnamed 4 month old was valued at $100. The only people who weren’t valued at all were the older ones.

  2. A fascinating piece. Some questions are answered and so many more remain. Good luck with your research. It is an important way to honour your ancestors.

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