Louis Cleage & Family – 1880

In 1880 my great grandfather Louis Cleage was 28.  His wife Celia (Rice) Cleage was 24. They were farming in Loudon County Tennessee. They had been married for 8 years and were the parents of four children – 7 year old Josie, 5 year old Jacob, 3 year old Henry and 1 year old Edward.  … Continue reading Louis Cleage & Family – 1880

Many Rivers to Cross

Some African American bloggers are sharing their own personal and  family  memories and stories, as they connect to the series “Many Rivers to Cross” that aired on PBS.  The Bloggers from African American Genealogy Bloggers who are sharing: Melvin Collier (Roots Revealed) George Geder (Wanders, Wonders, Signs) Terry Ligon, (Black and Red Journal) Vicky Daviss Mitchell (Mariah’s Zepher) Nicka … Continue reading Many Rivers to Cross

Watch Night – Born into Slavery and Died in Freedom

Angela Walton-Raji of the blog My Ancestor’s Name suggested that tonight we observe Watch Night by naming our ancestors who were born into slavery but lived to see freedom. I decided to join her. I have no photograph of Annie Williams (mother of Eliza Williams Allen) who was born about 1820 in Virginia and died … Continue reading Watch Night – Born into Slavery and Died in Freedom

The Ancestors’ Geneameme

Inspired by Angela Y. Walton-Raji over at My Ancestor’s Name, I finally did The Ancestor’s Geneameme. It was started by Geniaus several days ago. The list should be annotated in the following manner: Things you have already done or found: bold face type Things you would like to do or find: italicize (color optional) Things you … Continue reading The Ancestors’ Geneameme

Where My Greatgreat Grandparents Were Born – Saturday Night Fun

 I am running a bit late but Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings presented the following challenge Saturday evening: 1)  List your 16 great-great-grandparents with their birth, death and marriage data (dates and places).  [Hint – you might use an Ancestral Name List from your software for this.] 2)  Determine the countries (or states) that these ancestors … Continue reading Where My Greatgreat Grandparents Were Born – Saturday Night Fun

The Migration – From Montgomery to Detroit

Dock Allen was born around 1832 into slavery in Georgia.  He died free in 1909 in Montgomery Alabama.  He was a carpenter.  His mother, Matilda Brewster was born in Georgia into slavery.  I don’t know when or where she died. Eliza Williams Allen was born into slavery about 1839 in Alabama.  She died free in … Continue reading The Migration – From Montgomery to Detroit

A Family Photograph – 1892

Howard Turner and Jennie Virginia Allen were married in June of 1887.  Howard’s father, Joe Turner gave them land to farm in Lowndes County, Alabama. Joe wanted the land to stay in the family forever. By 1892 Joe and Howard were arguing constantly about Howard and Jennie’s desire to sell the land and move to … Continue reading A Family Photograph – 1892