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Blanche Celeste Reed aka Celeste J. Averette

This is the 4th post in my February Photo Collage Festival and the Family History Writing Challenge. Today I will write about Blanche Celeste (Young) Reed Averette, Hugh Reed Averette’s wife.

Blanche was the oldest child of James Harvey Young, a teacher and Roberta Ruth (Jordan) Young, a housewife. Blanche was born on October 26, 1887 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her brother Clifford was born in 1897 followed by three sisters, Nellie, Bessie and Elizabeth.  Blanche’s mother died in April of 1901 shortly after the birth of Elizabeth. In December of the same year, her father James married Sibba Turner, a divorcee with a young child.

They went on to have four more children. The youngest children were born in California. Blanche’s younger sisters, Nellie and Bessie moved with them and appear to have remained in California. Their older brother joined them there after leaving the US Army. James Young died before 1920. I wonder if Blanche’s family reconnected with her siblings when they moved to California years later.

manual_training_schoolBlanche remained in Indianapolis. She completed 2 years of high school at Manual Training High School.  This was an innovative and highly praised school. You can read more about it by clicking the link. She was an 18 year old student when she married 30 year old Hugh Marion Reed. His occupation was listed as janitor and I wondered if he had worked at the school.

Theresa, Blanche/Celeste and Thomas.

Anna Roberta, their oldest child was born the following year. A son, Hugh Marion was born in 1910. Theresa Pearl was born in 1913 and Thomas Perry in 1915.  The family remained in Indianapolis until their move to California in the 1920s.  When Blanche surfaces in the 1930 census she is using the name Celesta Averette. Her birth place has changed from Indiana to Michigan. The three children are using the Averette surname. Theresa “Tut” and Thomas are said to have been born in Kansas. Anna’s birth place remains Indiana.  Husband and son Hugh were not enumerated in the household.

Later that year Anna and Hugh (the son) both married. Daughter Anna seems to be keeping to the truth most faithfully. She gives her mother’s maiden name as “B. Celeste Young”, born in Indiana.  Son Hugh gives his mother’s maiden name as “Celestina Joven” born in Michigan.

In the 1940 Census Celeste Averette was living with her son Thomas Averette. Also living there was a mystery man of 67 years also named Thomas Averette. Is this Hugh Marion Reed Averette with the wrong name?

Celeste kept to this spelling of her name. It is the name used on her voter registration form where She is listed as a republican.  This was not unusual for black voters back in those days who remembered both Abraham Lincoln and the Dixicrates. Celeste Averette is also the name on Hugh’s death certificate, where she was the informant.

In , at the age of 69, Blanche Celeste married August Miklovich. Blanche Celeste Averette  Miklovich died February 3, 1988.  She was 100 years old.


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A Mystery Photo Revealed

I posted the photograph on the left in 2010 in Wordless Wednesday – Mystery Couple. At the time I didn’t know who either of them were and wasn’t sure about the uniform he was wearing. By googling I found that it was a World War 1 army dress uniform.

I posted the photo on the left a couple of months ago in Theresa Pearl’s Birthday – March 10, 1919. My cousin was scanning and sending me old photographs and this was one of them.  Although only one of the children was labeled I knew who the other was because of other photos.  I think that is probably their mother.

Clifford Edison Young with one of his sisters.
Theresa Pearl, Blanche and Thomas P. Reed. 1919











Today I was looking on Ancestry.com trying to fill in some of the gaps and noticed there was a little waving leaf next to Uncle Hugh Reed’s brother-in-law, Clifford Edison Young. I decided to look and see what they had. There were several historical records, including a record of burial in the Los Angeles National Cemetery. It said that he was a Sergent in the United States Army during World War 1.

I thought of the photo of the mystery man in uniform immediately.  I found the photograph and looked at it. I thought that the woman next to him looked like the woman with the two children – Blanche Young Reed. I am convinced that the soldier is Clifford but I’m not sure about the woman because Blanche had three younger sisters. Clifford was two years younger than she was and the three sisters were younger than they were. The sister in the picture looks younger than the soldier to me so I think that it was Nellie, Bessie or Elizabeth.  Perhaps there is another picture that will turn up and completely solve the mystery.

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