5 thoughts on “Mystery photograph

  1. I love the expression on her face and her body language. She loves this guy! (-: Thanks for sharing.

  2. I wish I knew who they were! I figure they were related to my grandmother but that's about it. Wonder what sort of uniform that is?

  3. Hi. This is a wonderful picture. I may be incorrect but, the uniform that gentleman is wearing appears to be a WWI, U.S. Army dress uniform.

    The tall boots suggest a duty assignment with horses or, mules. Enlarge his cover and you should see the U.S. American Eagle or "U.S. Army," stamped on the cover badge.

    If you did not know, you can request through U.S. Nationa Archives this Veteran's military records and have his military medals replaced.

    Best wishes on your adventure.



  4. I have a photo of him alone that I will enlarge and see if I can see more. Thank you for the suggestion! I wish I could send for his information but I don't know who he is or her either. An unlabeled photograph in my grandmother's big box of photos.

  5. Definitely a WW1 dress uniform. Unfortunately even when I scan at 600 and blow it up to 200 percent I can't make out the details.

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