The Dollhouse Poppy Made Me

The dollhouse Poppy, my grandfather made me in the 1950s when I was 9 years old was the envy of my sister and cousins in it’s prime. A few days ago I read on  The Magpies Nest  about her project to fix up her daughter’s old doll house and it inspired me to do the same with mine.  I asked my husband to dig it out of the long, narrow closet where it has been for the past 4 years. Poor house! It went through my childhood and then my children’s childhoods and being stored for years and years and it is much the worse for wear.   Right now the poor dollhouse looks like one of those falling-to-pieces houses.  Houses with a grand past that have been divided into rooming houses or just left to rot.

I have started my rehab by tearing off the contact paper wallpaper and removing the third story where the wood was rotting and scrubbing the whole thing down. I want to keep the gist of the house but make some changes I’ve always wanted to make, like adding stairs and returning it to the two-sided access dollhouse it used to be. I will post more photos as the work progresses.

There is a box of furnishings that I haven’t had the heart to look at yet. I doubt if any of my original furnishings have survived this long but I hope there are some good pieces in there.

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6 thoughts on “The Dollhouse Poppy Made Me

  1. What a wonderful project! Your house should have a miniature "designated historic" house plaque. Can't wait to see progress pictures.

  2. It's Grand Kristin! I see great potential and I'm betting you'll find the furniture none the worse for being stored away. I have a few things in boxes that have survived or can be revived with some glue! I'm so happy you've joined in the fun and look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. What a fun project! I never had a doll house; have long thought it would be fun to have one as an adult. Yours fits into a bigger picture, of course.

  4. Blissed-Out, why not give it a try? One day maybe your grands will rehab it and think of you, that puts it into the bigger picture 😉

  5. Now I will watch this space with interest. I have always loved dolls houses, and my husband made me one ‘to play with’ when I was grown up. There’s something about that tiny miniature world isn’t there?

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